Grant House has been home to thousands of Graeme College boys over the many years since it was first established. The boarding house takes its name from the second Headmaster of Graeme College, Mr G.C. Grant who was Headmaster from 1895 – 1904. The school and the boarding house moved from their first location in Beaufort Street to their present position in 1974.

Being at the centre of an extensive rural area, the boarding facilities at Graeme College have always been a very important feature of the School. They provide a home for many who would otherwise not have access to quality education. Every effort is made to ensure that boys have a safe and secure environment with facilities for study and recreation.

Grant House is on the school campus overlooking the main sports field. Grant House has the capacity to house 120 boys from Grade 4 to Grade 12. The dormitories are set out with a maximum of 4 boys to a dormitory with ample locker space.  Grade 12s have the privilege of having their own dormitory or the option of sharing with one other Grade 12.

Regular study periods are set; attendance at major sporting and cultural functions is strongly encouraged and regular contact with the girls at Victoria Girls' High School is fostered, to ensure that the boys do not grow up in an isolated environment. Sound manners and essential aspects of etiquette are cultivated

There are three mandatory stay-ins each term whereby the boys must stay in on a weekend. These take place generally on the first weekend of term and on weekends where there is a House commitment. Other than these three weekends each term boys are free to go home each weekend if they choose to.

Boys are encouraged to make the most of the school facilities which include tennis courts, swimming pool, squash courts, cricket nets, sports fields and weights room.

The Grant House facilities include:

A prep room, Senior Common Room, Junior Common Room and Library, A Senior Library and Computer Room.

Grant Housel is under the supervision of the Headmaster and is staffed by qualified matrons and support staff and well a resident complement of five teachers and four student tutors.

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