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Terms for 2019

First term          08/01/2019    -   15/03/2019

Second term    02/04/2019   -   14/06/2019

Third term        09/07/2019    -   20/09/2019

Fourth term     01/10/2019   -   04/12/2019

In striving to develop balanced young men, cultural activities at Graeme College enjoy the same attention as academic and sporting activities, and all the young men of Graeme College are actively encouraged to do at least one cultural activity per year. That being said, some boys truly enjoy this aspect of school life and make themselves available for many of the activities.

Cultural activity then becomes an umbrella term for the traditional cultural school activities (for example choir, debating, steelband and drama) and service opportunities (for example First Aid, Interact and President’s Award). This gives our boys a tremendous array of activities from which to choose.

In addition to all these exciting opportunities, there are many others besides which would be considered as “cultural opportunities”.  Boys are actively encouraged to take part in the various quizzes, expos and Olympiads hosted by various organisations. They become ambassadors for the school through their participation in Eisteddfods and other cultural events. Some of the older boys are exposed to plays and other aspects of the performing arts through the Arts’ Festivals which they are encouraged to attend.

If “courage and hard work” is the motto of the school, the Graeme College boys exhibit just this dedication, as they are put through their paces by a varied and enthusiastic staff group striving to develop each of them to their full potential.

Cultural and Extramural