Grade 11


Life Orientation

Please refer to the following CAPS document to assist with what is required from you in Term 2. CAPS Grade 10 - 12

 1. Healthy lifestyle choices -
2.  Climate change -
3. Environmental issues that leads to ill -health -
4.  Sports and Nation building -
5. Admissions to Higher Education -
6.  Goal setting -
7. Safety in sport -
8. Umpiring and leadership in sport -

Computer Application Technology


Theory is from the text book Via Africa Compute Applications Technology .I will put assignments for each of these on google classroom - where the answers can be uploaded OR they can be emailed to me OR a photo via whatsapp will do or simply keep them and bring them to class the first time we get back.
  1. Basics of startup :Pages 34 and activity 6
  2. Processing and adverts Page 35-36 and activity 7,8
  3. Troubleshooting: Page 38-39 and activity 9
  4. Impact of ICT on the workplace: page 49-50 activity 14
  5. Copy the advantages & disadvantages from page 31, Summarize the 1.3 section and then do activity 5. 
  6. Go through pages 44 - 50 and do activities 12, 13 and 14
  7. Go through pages 56 - 64 and do activities 1, 2, 3, 4
  8. Go through Pages 9-13 and do activity 1 and attached worksheet.  Attached is a powerpoint file as supplementary info.
  9. WWW pg 70 -72 Create a word search - the clues are the definitions and the terms must be in the word search. You can do this by hand or using a computer. There must be at least   20 terms in it. You need to provide the list of clues and the wordsearch and the list of solutions that can be found in the word search. Do activity 1
  10. Internet, www, and communication pages 74-80 Create a crossword puzzle, you need the empty crossword, the clues and a completed one Activity 2.
  11. Managing email Pages 82-86 Activity 3

  12. Social issues pages 87-89 Write a list of terms and definitions.

  13. Questions on page 80

Practical -  If you have a computer you can work along with the video and then do the associated activity and tasks. If you don't have a computer you can watch the video notes - these will become your study notes. You will do the videos and activities back when we are back in the lab.  Below the list of work is an example of  the notes for one of the videos.

 Read pg 94-104 then do Activities 1,watch video and then do activity 2
Bullets (
Lists (
Select, copy and paste, Find and replace (,
Autocorrect (  Do quiz is on google classroom.
Styles (,Styles 2 video (youtube: ) Activity 15,16 page 129
Cover page ( Activity 7 page 113
Lists - Activity 8 page 115
Captions ( ) Create a Microsoft Word document, It must have a table of figures on the first page,  the second page must have  4 pictures of what you have been doing during the lockdown. Each picture must be numbered and have a title. (using captions), at least one must be original - a photo or a picture you have created from scratch, and at least one must be downloaded. Any picture you have downloaded must have a full harvard style reference. All references should be on page 3. The caption should have a link to the reference.
Paragraphs and Themes (  Activity 4B page 109
Headers and footers(
Advanced Header Do Activity 5 & 6 page 111, 112
Screenshot and file explorer :


Example of summary the Views ( video
Add ruler to page : View tab
Grid lines : View tab - used to align objects
Navigation pane : View  tab - if document has used styles like header 1 - this creates outline of document - can click in navigation pane and move there
Different views -
read mode - looks like a book and turn pages using arrows. View-edit to get out
Web layout - can’t see page. Text wraps differently
Outline - als needs styles - can hide and show detail between headings
Draft  - shows text only - no formatting
Can arrange multiple documents to be on the screen at the same time : View tab->arrange all
View tab->split : can see different place of the same document at the same time; Remove split to get rid of it
View tab-> view side by side allows 2 documents to be next to each other (or 2 of same document) can scroll together or separately by clicking Synchronous scrolling

Maths Literacy

Grade 11 Maths Literacy- Youtube videos – Cost price and selling price especially from 23 min – Simple and compound interest , remember that you will not be allowed to use the compound interest formula in the exam .  - Banking and inflation

Rugby Video