Leadership Team



School Leaders

Sivu Sixaba
Head Boy - Academic Portfolio
Liselihle Maphekula
Deputy Head Boy - Discipline Portfolio
Siya Nongubo
Prefect - Arts Portfolio
Mihlali Xalabile
Prefect - Diversity and School Cutlure Portfolio
Ndima Shoba
Prefect - Events Management Portfolio
Sesethu Matyolo
Prefect - Service Portfolio
Lagon Oerson
Prefect - School Sport and Spirit Portfolio
Viwe Gana
Prefect - Hutton House Portfolio
Lisakhanya Maziyana
Prefect - Neilson House Portfolio
Abongile Ngandi
Prefect - Vernal House Portfolio
Emihle Mgedezi
Prefect - Wiles House Portfolio
Kuhle Mlengana
Prefect - Marketing Portfolio
Stephen Pittaway
Prefect - Campus Management and Environmental Portfolio
Anathi Bawushana
Community Outreach Portfolio
Sibu Dambuza
Prefect - RCL Portfolio



Iviwe Mshubeki
Grade 8 JvM
Lilo Booi
Grade 8 MP
Liam Bodill
Grade 8 BD
Leon Mwepu
Grade 9 SA
Jessie McConnachie
Grade 9 KyF
Kevin Bodie
Grade 10 LN
Makabongwe Mancam
Grade 10 VT
Omila Keta
Grade 11 PdL
Sithuthu Madondile
Grade 11 FS
Sibu Dambuza
Grade 12 LF
Tyrique Massey
Grade 12 MW


Junior Leadership Programme

Term 4 of Grade 6 year

  • All learners wishing to apply for the Leadership Programme bring a Flipfile to school. These are then maintained and added to. At the end of the Grade 7 year these Flipfiles are handed over to the high school and/or the boys. The Flipfile becomes a working document reflecting a personal leadership and management journey over their school career (Gr 6 – 12)
  • Applicants must complete a Leadership Project task and sign an application letter in order to be accepted
  • All Grade 6 boys are invited to be a part of the programme – they must just meet the requirements above

Term 1 and Term 2 of Grade 7 year

  • Monitors are divided into two equal groups for Term 1 and 2
  • Learners ‘lead and manage’ and receive feedback
  • Regular training opportunities, engaging boys on leadership and management
  • Personal Flipfiles worked on and developed
  • Leadership rubric evaluated once a term, signed off by parents/guardians and teachers
  • Monitors engaged in as many ‘real life’ tasks as is possible

Term 3 and Term 4 2021

  • A group of Monitors is elected by Junior School staff (based on performance in Term 1 or Term 2) and they lead committees/portfolios for Term 3 and Term 4
  • Any boy on the programme not selected as a Monitor may function as an Assistant Monitor during Term 3 and 4 (on a portfolio of their choosing)
  • Strong performance can result in promotion to the position of Monitor
  • Boys will serve as ‘Group Leader’ of the Monitor Group on a rotating basis for Term 3 and 4 ie every 2 weeks or so
  • A leadership award (voting by Grade 7s and Junior School staff) is made at the end of the year

Guiding principles

  • All boys will lead and manage in life (own lives, husbands, fathers etc)
  • Grade 7 is too early to select those who are out and out ‘leaders’, therefore everyone who is willing deserves an opportunity
  • ‘Leaders’ (future business, community, political, education etc) will emerge though and require specific, in-depth training (in Term 3 and 4)
  • Participation must be voluntary
  • Encourage leaders to emerge across all parts of school life
  • Make training opportunities in ‘Leadership and Management’ available to all boys

Junior School Committees

  • Grounds, gardens and litter
  • Break-time conflict management
  • ‘Seasons’ eg marbles, tops etc
  • Assemblies (sports announcements, presentations)
  • Events
  • Marketing and communication ie newsletter
  • AV Club
  • Sport
  • House leadership
  • Corridors and noticeboards
  • Lines (Morning, break, assembly)
  • Organising ‘Fun Competitions’ eg Rubrics Cube Challenge, Chess Championship etc
  • Legacy project
  • Monitors’ DT
  • Uniform check
  • Class reps
  • Late-comers admin

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