Foundation Phase



In the Foundation Phase, we aim to foster the development of the whole child.  Our vision for all our learners is:

-  Participation in a caring, stimulating and educational learning environment;

-  Developing each child academically, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and culturally

-  To have secure, well-resourced classrooms with extensions into the passages

-  To help equip them to face the real world with courage, honesty  and love

-  To be in small classes where individual needs will be monitored

-  To encourage lateral thinking and independence

-  To provide a challenging and motivating environment where every child feels accepted and respects one another

-  To develop a positive self-image where he is equipped to achieve his full potential

-  Exposure and use of the Interactive white boards to enhance and stimulate the daily lessons


Our department caters for boys from Grade 1 to Grade 3 of which there is only one class of each grade.  The teachers work exceptionally hard with the help of student teachers, who are studying through UNISA and doing a learnership.  Learners’ needs are further enhanced by a full-time remedial teacher, two music teachers assigned to the Foundation Phase, a computer skills specialist and a Physical Education student.


Graeme College follows the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).  The language of teaching and learning is English and the curriculum consists of four subjects:  Home Language (English), First Additional Language (Afrikaans), Mathematics, and Life Skills.  Xhosa is offered in Grade 3 on a conversational level.


Boys are assessed continuously through daily teacher observation and then formally with the aid of Rubrics which are comprised of a 7 point scale. Reports accompany each boy at the end of each of the four terms.



Music is an integral part of the Fopundation Phase.  All the boys have the opportunity of learning to play xylophones (marimbas) and each year the Grade 3 class receives group tuition in recorder.  The Foundation Phase choir meets every Friday and each boy in Grade 2 and Grade 3 is encouraged to be part of it. This choir  often performs for the school’s music evenings.


Every three years, the Foundation Phase hosts a major production which involves every boy.  This is always well attended by parents and the extended family.



Graeme College has two aftercare facilities.  Grade 1 and Grade 2 attend from 13h00 to 17h10. These boys are well catered for in the Reed Block, the present Grade R and 00 facility.  Organised homework sessions are supervised by qualified and assistant teachers.


The Grade 3 boys attend the aftercare facility near Grant House.  This is a newly renovated facility which caters for boys from Grade 3 to 6.  Their homework is supervised by a qualified teacher and two assistants.




Swimming is a summer sport which takes place in the first and fourth terms, weather permitting. Boys are taught the basics with stroke correction. The better swimmers attend team swimming and participate in interschool galas. We also have our very own “Splash Gala” where every boy in the Foundation Phase shows off  his newly acquired water skills.


Balls Skills happens throughout the year.  In summer, Grades 1 and 2 play mini cricket and in winter they are taught ball skills, with the emphasis on the larger ball. Tennis is also ongoing throughout the year.  The boys are fortunate to be coached by two external professional coaches and their class teachers. Small groups for boys showing talent with a small ball also take place throughout the year.


All these sports give the learners the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills.



ICT has been an important component to Graeme College’s vision for the future of our learners. We have two fully equipped computer labs, each serving  a specific purpose in the school.

Rotary donated a fully functional N-computing lab that  is specifically being used for subjects. The subject teachers are able to allow the pupils to research subject matter on the internet or the pupils are able to create presentations and projects in the lab.

The recently updated main computer lab is being used for computer literacy and afternoon work. Pupils from grade R to matric make use of the lab and it is always controlled by a staff member. Pupils are able to research, complete projects and are assisted in ensuring that they use the computers safely and understand the dangers of social media.

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy at Graeme College is considered an integral skill for all learners. In the ever-changing technological world which we live in, it is important that the learners leave school sufficiently equipped.


Computer Literacy is offered to all the learners from Grade R through to Grade 9. Thereafter, the learners have the choice to continue with Computer Applications Technology (CAT) from Grade 10 onwards.


 Foundation Phase:


It is the intention in the Foundation Phase to familiarise the learners with the computer, its tangible operating tools and software. The learners perform tasks and activities relating to the keyboard and mouse.