Graeme College involves the pupils in many community outreach programs. They are encouraged to take part in  the Presidents Awards, Interact and First Aid. These programs are designed to equip the pupils with essential skills and instil in them an  understanding of the social problems we face as a community and a country.  


President’s Award

The President’s Award is a self-development programme aimed at empowering the youth. At Graeme College members of the club who enrol in the President’s Award program are expected to develop themselves in the following key areas:

- Skill development 

- Physical recreation

- Community service 

- Adventurous hike

Under the guidance of the award leader and the leadership team, members complete a set amount of time per development area in order to achieve progressively higher levels. Each level offers the member a better chance to improve on themselves. The club meets once a week to discuss individual progress. The skills learned during the program are practical skills which can be applied to their everyday lives. These skills are also recognised by tertiary institutions and places of work. 




The Graeme College Interact Club is open to any boy from Grade 8 to Grade 12 who has a passion or a desire to make a difference in their community. The club aims to promote community awareness to its members in a fun and enjoyable way. Throughout the course of the year, the Interact Club members meet once a week to discuss fundraising opportunities and community outreach programs to aid the community. A project that has been running for the last two years is the "children helping children" project whereby Graeme Interact boys raise funds to help put a little boy from Ikhaya Losizo through school.



First Aid

With all the new restrictions regarding rugby, First Aid has become a very important part of school life.  Whilst it has long been considered a vital life skill, this competency has come to be so much more respected.  With the many home fixtures that occur each year, an ever-increasing number of Graemians, who are experienced first aiders, turn out to display their skill and nurture others who might be injured.


First Aid is open to all boys from Grade 8.  The school liaises closely with St John Ambulance to arrange First Aid courses for boys that are interested in obtaining their First Aid Level.  Two levels are offered to boys at school.  These courses (run by qualified professionals) provide our boys with the necessary skills and these boys then perform a duty to the school by providing the best care for others at all events that might need this relevant assistance.  


Graeme College can currently boast one of the best First Aid teams in the country.  Each large rugby fixture utilises the skills of approximately seventeen first aiders to cater for the three different fields.  These boys are highly proficient and are entitled to be justifiably proud of themselves.  A First Aid room was built next to the pavilion on Somerset Field and, as well as a place to store equipment, this has made us the envy of every other school in Grahamstown.


First Aid is a service activity in that it aims at enriching the lives of others.  These boys give many hours of their time and this can be acknowledged through the school award system by the first aiders eventually qualifying for half colours and colours depending on how many levels and how many hours of service they have completed.


The First Aid team is a vibrant one and they enrich their own lives whilst aiding others. They perform an essential service and Graeme College values their commitment to the school. They are true Graemians.


Boys helping boys


The matric boys of 2018 decided on a new initiative to assist  grade 8 boys in senior school life. They have developed a mentorship program with the help of Mrs Strutt. Other staff have become involved and will guide the program. The matric boys will mentor, guide and become a “big brother” to the younger boys and help develop them into proud young men.

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