Grant House Head


As the head of Grant House for 2020, I would like to send out a warm welcome to all the boys joining the Grant House Family. I would also like to wish everyone a prosperous and successful year ahead.

As the matric group of 2020,  we aim to take the hostel to new heights, we dedicating our time to make hostel ”a home, away from home” for all the Grant House family members. This will be done by instilling the Graemian virtues. We firmly believe that participation and involvement in school life is an essential part of development. For this reason we encourage participation in all facets of school life.  

‘The brotherhood in hostel is truly amazing. Bonds and friendship are made, that last lifetimes. Grant House is also the” backbone” of the school. The hostel boys set the example in the classroom, on the sports field, around campus, and in public.

So to all the Grant House boys, I urge you to take all the opportunities that this prestigious school offers you.


I wish you all the best of luck for 2020.


James Gush

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