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Leopard Cubs Pre-Primary

Graeme College proudly boasts a pre-school building established in 2014. This state of the art facility houses two classrooms (Grade 00 and Grade R), as well as storage space, bathroom facilities and a mini library which frequently doubles as a speech and language therapy room.

The Grade 00 Leopard Cubs thoroughly enjoy their weekly music lessons in the Music Centre, as well as Baker’s Day every Friday with their fellow Grade R Leopard Cubs. The spacious playground provides ample opportunity for boys to engage in creative and safe play, including a lovely sandpit area and bike track. The Grade R Leopard Cubs also look forward to their weekly music lessons as well as their visits to the computer room up at the main school.

Weekly themes ranging from dinosaurs to health and safety ensure that our boys gain the best knowledge and insight into the history and workings of the world around them, preparing them in the best possible way to tackle future endeavours.  

Outside activities on offer for our Leopard Cubs include Playball, Action Ball and Rugga Kids.

Aftercare facilities are also available to those boys who are unable to go home after school.  At aftercare they are free to have a much needed afternoon nap, some quiet time, inside play and they are allowed to make use of the playground facilities.  Our aftercare program incorporates Grade 00, Grade R and Grade 1 boys from the school.

Here at the Graeme College Preschool we pride ourselves in nurturing and maintaining a high standard of etiquette, manners and all round strong young minds in all of our learners. It is here in the very foundations of school life that the leopard first creeps into their hearts.

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