Boarding at Graeme College

Grant House, the boarding establishment of Graeme College, was named after the second Headmaster of the College, Mr G.C. Grant.  It has stood proudly, overlooking the main sports field since the school assumed its current position in 1975.  Housing boys from Grades 4 to Grade 12 enables the boarding facility to create a positive family environment. This is enhanced through close contact with the staff of the boarding facility. 

Graeme College has always prided itself as being able to attract quality boarders from the extensive surrounding area.  These boarders are housed at Grant House, making it a very important part of the school community.  Selling themselves as a “home away from home”, Grant House provides a nurturing facility where boys are safe and secure whilst having access to excellent education and a variety of extramural facilities.  

The gentlemen of Grant House have always been regarded as the most pivotal members of the Graeme College community and they aim to excel across all facets of life. Upon exiting Grant House, these young gentlemen should have developed over their years in the boarding facility a well-developed sense of: dependability, diligence and character, as well as high standards of friendship.  These are young men who lead by example.  They are considerate and have a good work ethic.  

The daily routine at Grant House has been designed to help boys to excel.  Regular study periods are set; attendance at major sporting and cultural functions is strongly encouraged and regular contact with the girls’ school is fostered, to ensure that the boys do not grow up in an isolated environment. Sound manners and general etiquette are cultivated in order that the Grant House boys might aspire to be true gentlemen.

Within Grant House, there is ample opportunity for boys to grow and learn from others.  They are housed in  well-appointed, large dormitories (with an average of 4 boys to a dormitory).  The maximum number of boys permitted in any dormitory is 6. Boys of like grades and interests are placed together in dorms.  This allows for privacy and a camaraderie that allows for friendships to continue long after these young men have finished school.  The Grade 12s have the privilege of having their own dormitory or the option of sharing with one other Grade 12.  There is a large and experienced staff complement.  This comprises: 11 Housemasters who are teaching staff, 3 matrons, 2 student masters (all of whom live in Grant House) and 10 working staff.  Having 11 staff members who are teachers makes Grant House unique, as it means the boys learning needs are catered to in the hostel.  There is a ratio of seven boys to one member of staff.  Many of these staff give freely of their time, allowing for additional learning support and guidance for the boarders, should they require it. 

Boys are encouraged to make the most of the school facilities which includes: tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts, cricket nets, sports fields and a weights’ room.  The school also boasts a library and computer room, whilst there is access to computers and recreational facilities within the hostel for use in the evenings.  The hostel has many of its own facilities so that the boarders are occupied in the evenings, over weekends and during social time.  There is a friendly “buzz”, as the boys meet in the Games Room (which boasts a pool table, a foosball table, a table tennis set and air hockey table).  The hostel has other outdoor entertainment for boarders, such as a basketball net to promote physical activity and a healthy competitiveness. Other “social” facilities include the cinema room, the Matric Common Room, the Senior Common Room and the Junior Common Room.  To cater to the boys academic needs, Grant House has a Prep. Room, a Computer Laboratory and a Library.  Also included in these facilities is a Study Room.  This room is an exciting addition to the already impressive array of academic conveniences on offer.  It allows boys to complete set group work, but it also provides the option of a quiet space for boys to receive outside tutorage or help from teachers in the evenings.  

Grant House has provided quality care for many years and respects past traditions.  It is focussed on a positive future for the young men who live there and strives to provide a supportive extended family environment that encourages these young men to achieve personal growth and excellence during their stay at Graeme College.

Grant House Masters

Michael Pretorius
Lyn Holland
Junior School Matron
Liz Manning
High School Matron
Shavonne Randall
Sean Kilian
Senior House Master
Vuyo Tshekela
Senior House Master
Bongolwethu Draai
Odwa Xonxa
Peter De Lacy
Ciko Ngodwane
Kyle Fichardt
Bryce Rennie
Nicholas Zimmerman

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