Grade 12


Life Orientation

Please refer to the following CAPS document to assist with what is required from you in Term 2. CAPS Grade 10 - 12

1. Stress management 

2. Human factors that cause ill-health / addiction
3.  Responsible government - 
4. Responsible citizenship
5. Role of media in a democratic country -
6.  Reasons and causes of unemployment.
7.  Safety in sport  - 

Maths Literacy

Grade 12 Maths Literacy – Youtube videos – Data handling – collecting and organising data (up to 36min. We don’t do standard deviations any more) – Analysing data ( we don’t have to do Ogives) we don’t do stem and leaf plots either.  - representing and displaying the Data. (remember you DO need to use a protractor to measure the angles if you are drawing a pie chart)

Maths Literacy work Book