Senior School


High School

Developing learners who reach their full potential

The staff at Graeme College undertake to set an example in terms of the following principles and values.


Our Vision


To develop our learners academically in order for them to reach their full potential.


Our Mission Statement


We adopt and endeavor to instill the following principles:

–  hard work and commitment;

–  creativity and curiosity;

–  individuality and independence of thought;

–  teamwork and collaboration (when appropriate);

–  discipline (including punctuality).


We embrace the following values:


–  respect (self-respect and respect for others);

–  accountability;

–  honesty.


Our Goals


Our goals are to develop young men who will:

–  have a thirst for knowledge and understanding;

–  be prepared and equipped for tertiary education;

–  become leaders in their respective fields of employment;

–  make a positive impact in their respective communities;

–  be prepared for life in the digital world.

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