Grade 9


Social Science: History

Boys must work on all activities in the textbook. Please start with the summary and questions at the end of Term 1 and then when and if you have finished all activities in Term 2 you can go onto the questions at the end of Term 2. 

Read the paragraphs aloud and then once again in your head to really understand the work. Then go over the questions, remember to answer in full sentences. 

Please go through the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are certain questions at the end of the topic to answer. A YouTube clip will give a better understanding of the history of the atomic bomb and what happened during the Japanese bombings. Please try to summarize the video as well. 

Focus on asking yourself (write it down!!!) why did USA drop the bombs? Think about how you would end a war if you were a president of a strong economical country. And then then focus on asking was the bombing justified? Give reasons as to your answer of yes or no. 

Atomic Bomb.

After World War 2 ended there was a new War; the Cold War. This was a non-violent war between the two superpowers of the USA and USSR. Focus on what makes a country a superpower? Economy? Size? Army? The war was really about who was a better country and both USA and the USSR tried to make themselves look better. They also Now think to yourself what makes your country (South Africa) better than another country? England? (Don’t mention the World Cup!!!). Please watch this summary of the Cold War and make summaries of each important point. 

Cold War 

The Cold War focused on different races to power, this included the arms race (weapons) and the space race (who got to space first? Sputnik!!). Please watch this documentary about spies and the space race and make some summaries on who you think won the race.

U2 planes and the Space Race.

While the Cold War was going on Berlin (capital of Germany) was split into 4 different sections. The main two sections were East Germany and West Germany. The USSR supported East Germany and so they established the Berlin Wall which split the two sections. USA did not take lightly to this idea and so the Cold War was symbolized by the Berlin Wall. Make notes about the Berlin Wall and pay special attention to the fall of the Berlin Wall which also symbolized the end of the Cold War. 

The Berlin Wall

If you get to this part you are on the right track, please go over past papers on the website. Obviously focus on Term 1 and 2s questions. The memo will be on there as well for you to check where you went wrong. I suggest setting time aside to actually complete exam questions as if you are in an exam. Put all notes and books away and answer the questions. Time yourself and see where you need to manage your time better. This will help you so much with preparing for the exams.


Please could the Grade 9's read the following notes on Credit Purchases and do the exercises in the answer sheet provided.

Credit Purchases Notes

Answer Booklet