Junior Corridor


At Grant house, we believe in the all-round development of the young men here and to that, we endeavor to create a space that nurtures character development and stability for the boys.  At the start of the current school year, Grant House adopted a new policy for the care of junior boys at the boarding facility. New boarders who are in Grades 4 and 5 are now specially accommodated for in a wing of the hostel. Here their all-round development, personal wellbeing and school pride is nurtured and built up. A house mother, whose residence is on the same floor as the boys oversees activities on the floor.

The junior corridor has been transformed into an interactive and fun, living environment for the young men who are each experiencing their first year outside of the home. Each dormitory has been set up to create a welcoming space for the boys. The corridor walls have had a mural put up which the boys get to make additions to. This is to cultivate a spirit of ownership and Graemian pride among the boys that they can grow with as they move up in grade and in the hostel. Independence is instilled in the young men. However, while independence is being cultivated, having a house mother dedicated to the juniors ensures that all their needs are attended to and they have the guidance that they need as they navigate school and hostel life in the week.

Home and fun are vital to making hostel a desirable place for younger children, however, these should not come at the expense of academic progress. The junior corridor is set up with a prep room just for the junior boys. Here, the boys each have a desk and have prep with the house mother each evening, with limited distractions. At this phase of the boys education, development of academic etiquette is driven by a steady routine and a space where their intellect is sufficiently stimulated. Having prep with the same person allows the boys to grow in their confidence to openly engage with what they are learning at school and also pursuit academic excellence.

The corridor is also equipped with a separate common room where the boys can have leisure times in the evenings, playing games, having lively conversations and watching nature documentaries which the current boys thoroughly enjoy.

As we expand on this wing of the hostel, we envisage a lively space which is inviting for more junior learners of the College to come join the Grant house family.

Lyn Holland

Junior House Mother

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