Grade 10



Grade ten history term two consists of information on the french revolution.
They have their focus history grade ten books and were instructed to complete term two's exercises on the sections for french revolution and Napoleon. 
Page 15 of the CAPS document summarizes the terms work and the document provides guides on essay writing and source-based answers. I would like them to practice writing essays on one of the subjects we covered so far as well as the french revolution using the CAPS document guidelines.


Computer Application Technology


Theory is mainly from textbook Via Africa Computer Application Technology but occasionally there are additional notes and tasks.  If you are doing it on paper you can whatsapp the photos of the work to me or you can submit on google classroom or keep them in a safe place. But in all circumstances bring all the solutions to school on the first day when we get back to school.


  1. Pg 76 -78 Networks and network concepts -  Activity 1  

  2. pages 79-81 Social implications & types of networks - Activity 2 - Presentations - talk about devices/equipment needed and in general terms of what has to be done. Not deep technical details.

  3. Pages 82 Network Devices - Activity 3 - Q2 use the internet - give full name of device, picture and price in rand, make sure to reference.

  4. Page 85 Question 1  and question 5

  5. Attached Notes on Social Implications of computers - activity at the end of the document.

  6. The internet and WWW Page 88-92 

  7. Write a list of terms and definitions from those pages.

  8. Activity 1 - don’t worry about creating the brochure just explain what topics each of those webpages cover. (and the specific headings on the home page for each

  9. Browsing and search techniques page 94 - 95 : Write a cheat sheet for searching - i.e. a list of tips. & Define download and upload

  10. Types of website page 96-97 : create a bullet point summary

  11.  Email pg 98-102  Create a word search - the clues are the definitions and the terms must be in the word search. You can do this by hand or using a computer. There must be at least   20 terms in it. You need to provide the list of clues and the wordsearch and the list of solutions that can be found in the word search.

  12. Netiquette -pg 103  Create a poster/meme that I could put up in the classroom to remind people what is considered polite when emailing. Remember that a poster/meme is supposed to be colourful and attractive. & Do activity 10



  13. Email threats, Pages 104 -105 Activity 11
    Create a list of terms and their definitions. These pages a have quite a few

  14. Other e-communications Pages 106-109 - this is very relevant to today!! Also give a list of e-communication apps that are currently in use in South Africa (even if you are not using them personally)  for each

  15. Questions on page 108 - covers the entire chapter

  16. Page 112 &113 - make a list of the terms -and in you own words describe the component and where it is found on the screen.


If you have a computer you can work along with these tutorial videos - recreate it just as it is. then do the tasks and activities associated with the, If you do not have a computer , if you watch the video and then make summary of it - these will be come your study notes to remind you of how to do it, and when you get back to school you can actually do them. Below the list is an example of a summary for one of the videos


  1. Click and drag activity (only on google classroom - find the names in your textbook or google it

  2. Word1  (

  3. Page setup


  5. Select, copy and paste, find and replace (,

  6. Screenshot and file explorer ( a) open any folder on your drive. Take a screenshot and put it into a new word document. Save as "screenshot And Files" b) sort the files by name - put a screenshot into "screenshot And Files.pdf" c) sort it by size - - put a screenshot into "screenshot And Files.pdf" d) show the file extensions (if the first screenshot showed the file extensions then hide them) - put a screenshot into "screenshot And Files.pdf"

  7. FONT( do TextBook Activity 5 page 120

  8. Paragraphs ( Activity 6, 7 and 8 on page 123

  9. Autocorrect (youtube activity 9 , 10 page 125/126

  10. Styles video (youtube :

  11. Cover page(

  12. Captions( )

  1. Create a Microsoft Word document, It must have a table of figures on the first page,  the second page must have 4 pictures of what you have been doing during the lockdown. Each picture must be numbered and have a title. (using captions), at least one must be original - a photo or a picture you have created from scratch, and at least one must be downloaded. Any picture you have downloaded must have a full harvard style reference. All references should be on page 3. The caption should have a link to the reference.






Example of summary the Views ( video

  • Add ruler to page : View tab

  • Grid lines : View tab - used to align objects

  • Navigation pane : View  tab - if document has used styles like header 1 - this creates outline of document - can click in navigation pane and move there

  • Different views -

    • read mode - looks like a book and turn pages using arrows. View-edit to get out

    • Web layout - can’t see page. Text wraps differently

    • Outline - als needs styles - can hide and show detail between headings

    • Draft  - shows text only - no formatting

  • Can arrange multiple documents to be on the screen at the same time : View tab->arrange all

  • View tab->split : can see different place of the same document at the same time; Remove split to get rid of it

  • View tab-> view side by side allows 2 documents to be next to each other (or 2 of same document) can scroll together or separately by clicking Synchronous scrolling

Life Orientation

Please refer to the following CAPS document to assist with what is required from you in Term 2. CAPS Grade 10 - 12

Please also watch the videos provided to assist you.