Graeme College is a State school and therefore follows the prescribed GET and FET curricula as laid down by the Department of Education which governs education in the country.

Boys are encouraged to read broadly, assimilate information, think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. A stimulating curriculum enables investigation and self-study, guided by well-qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Outstanding academic facilities include two lecture rooms, state-of-the-art computer technology equipment and a well-stocked library and media centre. Opportunities to participate in Olympiads and conferences further extend the boys academically. Grahamstown offers an exciting academic and cultural environment from which the boys benefit extensively.


Class size

Graeme College offers quality education in classes that are restricted in size to a maximum 30 pupils in the Junior School and 32 in the Senior School. This enables us to meet the needs of each learner.


The school day

The school day normally has six teaching periods, each of 50 minutes; the first class starts at 07h30 and the last afternoon class finishes at 13h30. There are two significant breaks each day and intervals of 5 minutes between each period to allow boys time to move from one classroom to another. The timetable operates on a two week cycle to ensure the maximum lessons attended.


Class etiquette

The staff and learners at Graeme College have embraced the following non-negotiable rules in order to create a positive classroom atmosphere:

-  Only one speaker at a time

-  Come to class on time

-  Hand in work on time

-  Address one another with respect

-  Treat school property with respect

-  Do not borrow any property

-  Mobile phones will not be visible or switched on during academic school hours.



Homework is an essential part of schooling, and all pupils are expected to complete the homework assigned to them. Homework can include follow-up from the day's lesson; exercises designed for practice; preparation for the next lesson; working on projects and assignments scheduled in the term planner. Homework encourages self-study practices, and allows for development of self-discipline and time-management skills. The expectation is that pupils should be doing about two hours of homework each night. In order to assist learners with their planning, they are strongly encouraged to use homework diaries.


Computer laboratories

Thanks to a generous donation and support from Rotary Sunset Grahamstown, the Senior School has acquired its own computer centre. The original computer centre will be used exclusively for the Junior School. Mr Edward Wille is responsible for the running of both computer centres.



Please click here to download the Senior School Assessment Programme.

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