Code of Conduct


Everyone has the right to work and learn without being disrupted by others and a responsibility to create the opportunity for others to work and learn.

Everyone has the right to be treated courteously and respectfully and a responsibility to treat others equally.

Everyone has the right to work in a clean, safe and orderly environment and a responsibility to respect and maintain the facilities and property.

Everyone has the right to feel proud of this school and a responsibility to uphold school spirit by participation in and support of all activities.


Graeme College is a happy school, characterised by a friendly and co-operative relationship between staff and pupils. Experience shows that such a relationship is entirely compatible with an attitude of respect, courtesy, obedience and helpfulness. Rules and procedures are designed to enable all concerned with the school to derive maximum benefit from its activities.


Graeme College supports the principles of fair discipline and the consistent application of appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary. The School Rules for pupils indicates the standards of behaviour that we expect of our pupils and encourages a responsible and self-disciplined approach by pupils themselves.


The Graeme College management will initiate corrective action should our expected norms of conduct not be met. This may or may not include the application of formal disciplinary measures to restore the teacher/pupil relationship and to prevent further occurrences of unacceptable behaviour.


It is important for pupils and parents to understand that discipline and control will be exercised over pupils under certain circumstances, even when they are away from school and sometimes out of uniform. The general criterion applied will be that if a pupil's conduct adversely affects other pupils of the school or its good name, the pupil will be held responsible for his actions.


The school is concerned with all aspects of the progress of its pupils, and parents are encouraged, whenever the need may arise, to make an appointment with a member of the staff to discuss any aspects which may be of concern.

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